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Weirdest Mila Kunis Dream Ever
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OK, so this was a bit of a weird dream to have this afternoon. So somehow I’m dating Mila Kunis (I know, not much of a stretch, right?), and we’re sharing this house with Natalie Portman and I think it was either James Marsden or Ashton Kutcher. The last bits I can remember were us wandering around this mansion of a house, creepy as fuck, with dark burgundy wallpaper in some, some doorways too narrow to get through, and eventually there’s this bathroom with a white ivory bath in the middle. It’s full of clear water. Mila gets in and gets transformed into a baby. Then Natalie and James/Ashton get in, with the guy carrying a copy of Entertainment Weekly. The comment on how Mila is suddenly like 2 months old and not drowning in the water, and how nothing is happening to them when all of a sudden they’re teenage stoners. I turn around and we’re in some 50s American town, there’s an open air cafe in front of me, full of oblivious people, and I look back and the bathtub is in a shop window, with no water in it. Natalie and James/Ashton get out, because their mother has arrived and is chiding them to come back home with her (yeah, suddenly they’re brother and sister). I look back in the tub, and notice baby-Mila has gone. As I’ve turned round, someone from the cafe has gone in and noticed the 2011 EW magazine in the bathtub and they’ve picked it up, looking all befuddled as people from the past do when they find something from the future. I freak out, grab the EW and bolt out into the street, jumping on the back of a flatbed truck. The truck hurtles down the street until it reaches the gates of some factory yard, with Peter Stormare in one of those SS leather trenchcoat uniforms, guiding the truck inside. Suddenly, air raid sirens go off, and I look up to see US B-25 bombers overhead. Bombing raid! I bolt inside the air raid shelter nearby and find myself surrounded in this huge long curving tunnel with Berliners huddling together for safety. Then I wake up.

What the frak.

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