Hi there.
Eh, gringo type!

Who are you?
I’m William Anderson, geek, system administrator, occasional web developer and php/perl coder, back office builder, nu meeja trooper, I can type at 110wpm, I can eat 20 mini pickled onions at once, I (usually) drive red things.

I’ve been known online as “neuro” since late 1993.

You can also peruse my .plan.

Why are you called “neuro”?
I called myself “maverick” during a brief and ill-advised dabbling in CB radio in the mid-1980s, and my first serious exposure to UNIX (actually AIX) in 1992 at college led me to get boring usernames to login with; the same happened at university. When I was first exposed to MUDs in 1993, I spent a few minutes thinking of a ‘cool’ login to use when prompted to create a new account. Eventually I picked “neuromancer”, after the classic 1984 William Gibson novel, but it was too long for the 8-character limit. “neuroman” didn’t sound too cool, so I settled on “neuro”. The rest is infamyhistory.

You sound like Mister Spock. Live long and stuff.

Should I know you from somewhere?
I’ve worked for Broadcom, Linden Lab (creators of Second Life), SmoothWall (writing backoffice systems and developing the user interface for firewall products), and some other places too. I also used to be part of the SmoothWall Open Source Project doing similar things. I’ve also worked at other places which perhaps aren’t as interesting / famous, but were probably key to helping me build the experience and skills that I use as a computery type on a day-to-day basis.

I contribute to the web design community and the OpenVAS project. You might also know me from helping out with the Lug Radio podcast and related live events.

You can find out more on LinkedIn.

Do you speak for your employer, clients or anyone else via your site?
No; this is my personal site and statements and material posted here do not necessarily reflect the position of my employer, clients or any other company or person, unless explicitly stated on an individual post or page.

42 is The Answer. What is The Question?
How many blows to the head do I need to be woken in the morning?

What’s your opinion on Chewbacca?
Chewie is my co-pilot.

Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston?
The Aniston.

What’s your favourite stuff?
My flickr profile probably has more information than I would want to duplicate here.

Why is Bart Simpson in your .plan talking about some random computery sounding thing?
Homer is bemoaning commodity processor technology, Marge is agreeing, Bart is merely recommending whatever is top of the Top 500 Supercomputer Sites list, and Lisa is, as always, in the possession of greater knowledge. Maggie just loves that non-RISC pacifier. I’ve updated this for over 10 years now, and it doesn’t stop getting old. Ho ho.

Do you enjoy answering these ridiculous questions?
I’m actually the one setting them in a schitzophrenic fashion, so I must do, yes?

Where else can I find out about you?
You can find out about me on the various social networky icon things on the right hand side of my home page.


Login: neuro          			Name: neuro
Directory: /home/neuro              	Shell: /bin/bash
Last login Sun Jul 24 20:27 (BST) on pts/1 from
No mail.
 The Simpsons are wise         (  )  
  about Open Systems!         (    ) 
                             (      )
      Intel                  (      )   Don't have a cow, man, we'll get
      architecture           (      )   a Supercomputer Fugaku A64FX cluster
      sucks!            Yes! (      )   instead!!          |
       |                  \  (      )                      |
       |      suck-suck-   \ (      )   Oh dear ...        |
      ,__     suck-suck!     (      )         |            |
     /   ``\      \          (      )         |          }\/\/{
     |     |       \         (      )      _/\/\/\_      |    |
     (.)(.)M     _/\/\/\_    (,,  ,,)      \,,  ,,/_     (.)(.)
      C___ |)    \,>o<,,/_   \(.)(.))      \(.)(.) /_    | C  |)
     /___ \|     \(.)(.) /_   /C__, @       /C__, @_/    (___ |
     __)__/|__    /c    @_/     )  |          )  |/        )__|
    /   \/ /  \    C_, )/       oooo          oooo         /  \\
   /      /    \    /  |/      /___\\        /   \\       /    \\
    William Anderson | |
   Professional Geek | neuro at-sign | evilneuro at-sign

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