‘Mon the Podcasts!

Coupla podcast-tastic things happening, both of which have sweary bits. Woo.

First, myself and some of the LugRadio IRC/forum regulars started up hashlugradio, to discuss topics brought up in episodes of LugRadio, but also brought up by the community members. We cranked out a first test episode and released it last week — it’s done pretty well, but we likely won’t do another until the LugRadio guys start up their fourth season of episodes next month. Visit the site for the feeds, or subscribe from iTunes.

Second, Limmy‘s World of Glasgow. This sounds magic — Limmy used to work for Glasgow web/meeja outfit Chunk, probably best remembered for the crackin’ wee Flash game Snowball (“I know your da!”). Limmy’s planning to crank out 12 weeks of daily podcasts starting on September the 1st, full of Glesga characters: yer ned, slapper, poof, pakistani, and the like. They sound spot-fucking-on, and a million times better than anything Chewin’ the Fat could come up with. Lookin’ forward tae it!

If you use iTunes, subscribe now directly from iTMS, or use the RSS feed if you have a different podcast client.

“Ah just stepped oot the darkness an went like that, ‘Member me?’ Crash!” ‘Mon the MP3s, man!

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