stuff i’ve done

  • mkapache, 2005
    Apache custom build script
  • nhs scotland property & environment forum, 2000 [live]
    multi-user site with guest areas available for public use
  • sepa waste minimisation, 1999 [live]
    scottish environmental protection agency subsite
  • the sub club, 1996 [live]
    website for a glasgow club
  • stockwell china, 1996 [live]
    website for a glasgow china shop

stuff i almost did

  • turnON, 1999
    abortive ONdigital news site – never completed
  • chronicles of nash, 1998
    some stuff i mocked up for an online game ade was working on
  • the virtual desktop, 1989-1995
    something ade and i started working on in high school

stuff i’m still doing

  • [live]
    rampant volunteerism

    • [live]
      i’m pretty much maintaining this now!
  • friends stuff
    trying to bring back some content and ideas i’ve had in the past – first: the friends query database
  • grelb /
    an online community of wastery mates from university
  • musicpunch
    more underwrapsness
  • smoothwall
    more rampant volunteerism—was once my day job
  • world of spectrum
    more odds and sods

stuck in the incubator

  • sleeper homage
    oh how i wanted to pay homage to louise wener and sleeper, but just never found the time …