That Damn Matrix Phone

  • "What phone is used in The Matrix? Isn’t it a Nokia 7110 – the new spangly WAP phone?"
    Nope, it’s a Nokia 8110, or the banana phone.  Here are three screen grabs from the DVD to prove the point:
Neo holding the phone

The phone dropping to the ground

Cipher's phone dropped in the garbage

Just a quick point about these screen grabs … I took these from my own personal region 1 DVD of The Matrix in August 2000. I don’t mind people linking to them, as long as they give due credit to this page:

  • “So what’s the difference between the two phones?”
    Wikipedia has more information: Nokia 7110, Nokia 8110.
  • “What about the phone they used in The Matrix Reloaded and Animatrix: Final Flight of the Osiris?”
    You mean the Samsung SPH-N270, or the ‘actual’ Matrix phone? This was just a marketing gimmick / product placement. The phone wasn’t really all that good for the time (~2003) and only sold in limited numbers on a single US network. It also looked awful, unlike the now iconic Nokia 8110.