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Obama's Class Act
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I woke up this morning to find Barack Obama has been elected to become the next President of the United States. And what has struck me the most was the way the supporters reacted when the name of the opponent was mentioned by each candidate in their speeches.

McCain addressed his supporters in his concession speech, saying he had called Obama to congratulate him. At the mention of Obama’s name, boos and hisses erupted from the crowd. At least twice in 30 seconds, he had to put his hands up to the crowd to basically shut them up. Meanwhile, at Obama’s speech, he said the same thing, and was met with a ripple of polite applause from the crowd. He went on to praise McCain’s efforts, and still the crowd did nothing but applaud.

Obama, your supporters, the record number of people who turned out to vote for you, they’re a class act. Just don’t let them — and the rest of us in the world — down, because we so want to love America again.