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  • WWII Campaign Updated

    WWII Campaign 1.2.0 is now the default campaign for Clan #lugradio, switching the much derided mlb_hotchkiss for that grand old standby goldrush. The new campaign pk3 will download automatically the next time you connect to the server, and it’s titchy, so shouldn’t slow your entry to the game.

  • 9 Map Clan #lugradio Campaign

    We now have a 9-map WWII campaign consisting of: caen, breakout, fueldump, 110_factory, oasis, battery, mlb_hotchkiss, glider, temple_final and venice. There are also two more maps to grab: glider and braundorf. The campaign will download automatically the next time you connect, but please grab the two new maps now as well as the rest if…

  • New Clan #lugradio Maps

    New maps have been installed on the server: mlb_daybreak, mlb_d_day, mlb_hotchkiss, mlb_temple, 110_factory and 2tanks. Download them using the links on the site. Some of these are fairly large, in the order of 10-20 MB, so please make sure you download them and copy them to your ~/.etwolf/etmain directory before you start play.

  • Clan #lugradio IRC Bot

    There’s a new IRC bot in #lugradio; it sends score stats back to the channel after each match. Any comments, praise, etc to neuro. Any complaints to /dev/null 😉

  • New Clan #lugradio Server Live

    The new Clan #lugradio server is now live!