No More SmoothWall (For Me)

Some of you who know me may know my fascination and infatuation for SmoothWall, the open source Linux firewall distro. You may be interested to know that I’ve decided to take my leave of the project after just over 7 years. To explain, I need to tell a story of how I got there in […]

Here, There, and Back Again

Quick entry before I head off to work. Yeah, to work, I’m no longer working from home. Most people who know me know this already, but I left SmoothWall Ltd. last month to work in sysadmin at Lumison, formerly edNET, an Edinburgh-based ISP. As my post to the SmoothWall community says, it was just a […]

onepointoh baby!

SmoothWall GPL went onepointoh last week … I totally forgot to mention. It’s basically SmoothWall 0.9.9 patched to the gunnels with all the updates and security fixes we’ve applied since we released it on September 15th 2001, and we decided “this is mature enough to be called one point oh.” So we did! Now the […]

I'm still alive ... <promise

I’m still alive … <promise towhom=”self”> I will update this more often </promise> … cisco have told me that they can’t think about taking me on until August – random hiring freeze time … oh Cisco are posting a few million less dollars profit this year, even though it’s still more than the GNP of […]

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