Revert to Standard Ubuntu Kernel on OVH or Kimsufi Servers

I have a cheap dedicated server running Ubuntu Linux — the 8.04 LTS “Hardy Heron” release — with Kimsufi, the budget arm of French hosting company OVH. All their Linux servers (and FreeBSD servers too, I think) are provisioned with their own custom, static kernel. This, they say, makes it “secure”. It also makes it […]

"You Call This Archaeology?": An Indiana Jones Drinking Game

Pending an evening of the Indiana Jones trilogy and a shitload of drinks, I humbly plagiarise and present: To Prepare You’ll need the following: The Indiana Jones trilogy, preferably on Blu Ray:    A movie playback device, and a humungous TV (surround sound system recommended) Bunch of friends who aren’t surly drunks A shitload of […]

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