Got tired enough of the illogical BBC practice of allowing BBCi URLs to be given out on the air sans ‘www’ at the start — despite this practice being absolutely verboten when URLs are printed on screen — to complain to them. Why? Because watch what happens when you try these URLs:

So sent this somewhere within the BBCi dungeons hierarchy:

Why is it that announcers and presenters are allowed to say “bee bee see dot co dot yoo kay slash something or other”, but when I actually enter into my browser, I am unceremoniously dumped back to the BBCi homepage? How trivial would it be for your servers to redirect to, and save the presenters looking or sounding unprofessional in that they don’t know the right web address for their programme?! Please consider changing this currently unfriendly and frankly illogical behaviour of the otherwise excellent BBCi service.

Hopefully I’ll come off more as “Irritated of Central Scotland” and less of “I’m a Web Geek, Please Ignore Me” :)

updated 2003-08-21: someone from the BBC has responded! Read the comments for more …
updated 2003-09-13: the subject has been raised at a BBC Online Operations meeting to be investigated further!
updated 2004-04-19: Une grande victoire! logoupdated 2004-05-07: The rebrand occurs! The BBC website is no longer BBCi, but!

  1. I didn’t suggest that anyone in Marketing looked at this page – I did suggest that other people read this page, had it raised internally, and it was taken from there.

    And yes, I’m the same neuro – – who works on smoothie 🙂

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