Bob Cringley Discusses Oboe

Robert X. Cringely casts a critical eye at Oboe, the mp3tunes locker service, asks Michael Robertson (he of and Linspire) how he thinks the business can be profitable, and looks at how Apple may be doing something similar.

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One response to “Bob Cringley Discusses Oboe”

  1. Hmm, the mp3 locker thing actually looks quite interesting, since unlike the Apple service it will allow me to have a local copy of all my music. I have no interest in systems which lock things I’ve paid for up behind DRM, or on an Internet server, and restrict my ability and legal rights to use them.

    If I could upload Ogg Vorbis I’d be happier – it’d mean less bandwidth usage, more capacity on the servers and fewer legal hassles. Then again, this is probably a service I can provide myself just by having a fileserver accessible over the Internet. Maybe I should set it up for Christmas now my parents have got broadband…