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BBC Sport: Team bus attacked by Rangers Fans
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  1. Hun fans also being accused of bigoted chanting during both legs.

    It’s actually refreshing to see them come up against a football establishment that takes this stuff seriously, rather than just dismissing it as an inevitable part of the game. Can you imagine the Scottish Football Association taking action on FTP (and the rest of it) chanting? They’re not abbreviated to SFA for nothing…

  2. As far as I know the damage caused to the Villarreal team bus was by one lonesome fan and not a group as speculated in the press.
    Who’s fault is it that Ranger fan’s got into the home end’s at Villarreal’s El Madrigal stadium? The Ger’s faithful or the Spanish ticket touts who sold them the tickets, over the odd’s may I say! While conduting their business right in front of the Spanish police!!
    Yet more excellent Spanish policing, just like in 1971 where Rangers won the Euro Cup winner’s cup in the Nou Camp, Barcelona where their delighted fan’s staged a pitch invasion, which was poorly and violently dealt with by the Spanish police force.
    Beside’s Villarreal’s stadium, and surrounding area and infastructure was not up to the required standard needed for such as match.
    By the way, martinb is being sectarian in branding the Ranger fan’s ‘huns’!!!

  3. what exactly do you mean by sectarian? it was the english press in 1969 who branded rangers fans ‘huns’ when they wrecked newcastle town centre. the headline of the day was ”they came over the border like a hoard of maurading hun’s” they couldnt say ”they came over the border like maurading celts” sectarian ? get real.

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