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Sexiest Ad Ever
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Danish model Maria Gregersen frolics in the rain and spins around in the street to the tune of Tom Jones’ 1971 hit “She’s a Lady”. This is the TV ad for Lacoste‘s new fragrance for women: Lacoste Inspiration. Yeah, yeah, I thought as I idly watched, another ad with a bouncy model showing how “inspired” she is by the product, borin— Woah. Did we just see her spin about in her dress so we could see her butt? Wait, it’s half past six in the evening, what’s going on?

See for yourself:

There’s a downloadable MPEG available from the Lacoste site if you don’t like Flash things on websites. That this advert exists doesn’t bother me — it’s a very nice piece of promotion for what it’s trying to sell, and Maria Gregersen is absolutely gorgeous. But to show even a glimpse of a woman’s bare behind during the day when kids (or pervs) could be watching is disgusting.

Wait, I’m a man, who am I kidding? I love this advert! :)

  1. Yeah, i saw that. The last one for guys th whole fuckin guy was naked , ug! but the last female one called

    “A TOUCH OF PINK” Hmmmm well that means , obviously, a touch of pink as in minge!

    Dear dear…

  2. Yo creo que este es el mejor anuncio que he visto desde hace muchisimo tiempo. Maria gregersen es una grandisima modelo que expone a la perfección el espiritu de coquetear con la vida, además, me encantan sus pecas. Es tal que apenas vi el anuncio corrí a comprar la fragancia que por cierto es deliciosa. Muchas felicidades al equipo y sobre todo a la modelo.

  3. en el momento en el que vi ese comercial me enamore de el es uno de los mejores comerciales que he visto lo veo lo veo y no me harto aparte maria gregersen es de mis modelos preferidas y aqui se ve muy coqueta y muy sexy a la vez. llama mucho la atención ya que despues de verlo me fui a comprar la fragancia que igual que el comercial es excelente. felicidades por este excelente comercial y la excelente fragancia.

  4. please do u know the name of her dress?cos i’d really like to buy it!please answer…thanks

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