Will It Ever End?

So, I finally finished Grand Theft Auto IV, nearly 4 months after buying it. Well, I thought I had.

When the final credits had finished rolling by, I got some achievements for being awesome enough to finish the game … and then I was back in Liberty City. Not at the start again, but where I was when I finished. Then the phone goes: it’s Niko’s cousin, checking he’s OK.

What the hell, the game hasn’t stopped yet. I checked the stats page: apparently after doing all the missions, I’ve only finished 67% of the game. It’s not finished yet.



2 responses to “Will It Ever End?”

  1. Heh! This is quite normal for a GTA game.

    Go have fun, run at it. No spoilers, but…. did you notice the red-glowing pidgeons, or play about in a police car computer yet?


  2. yes, i’m aware of the pigeon killing goal, and the catch-the-crims stuff, and aaaaaall the other stuff, i’m just flabbergasted – and impressed – that even after “The End”, the sandbox is still available to you, which I like a lot.