neuro on the laptop
neuro on the laptop

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Hols. France. Back.

Way Down the Food Chain

Here’s where I know I’m a nothing, a nobody. I watched Kill Bill, Vol. 1 at the cinema when it came out a year and a half ago. As soon as I could, I bought the DVD. After watching it both those times, I thought, “Jesus, what a cool flick”, but of course I had […]


Atkins named in the UK�s Top 10 Best Big employers — pah! Group HR director Alun Griffiths says: �This is great news and reflects the effort and investment we have made in recent years to make Atkins a terrific place to work. As well as providing first class career opportunities, we support the training and […]

neurogeburtstag ist

ja, ich bin sehr alt und zerbrechlich 😛

Blink and You'll Miss It

Blinkorama: a blog devoted to showing pictures of famous people with their eyes closed. Hokay …

Lawrence Lessig Comments on West Wing Appearance

Lawrence Lessig has taken the time to comment on his appearance on The West Wing. Except it’s not him—he’s played by Christopher Lloyd. Bit weird thinking that one of the foremost legal minds of our time would be represented on-screen by Jim from Taxi 🙂

~/ I Can Type Freely Now My Keyboard's Fixed /~

At last … My Latitude’s original keyboard, which survived a pint being spilled over it and the evil that undoubtedly ensued underneath the membrane, gave up the ghost. I’ve been using external keyboards since, but I finally got hold of Dell the other day and booked a replacement. Bloke comes in, unscrews bit, replaces bit, […]

White Schtuff!

Wheeeeeeeee, snow!

BT ADSL Falls Over; People Notice

Last Friday afternoon was interesting: a shedload of BT business ADSL customers and almost all of their dial-up users lost their connectivity. Oh, when I say BT ADSL customers, I mean “ADSL customers who happen to have a BT Wholesale provided line”, i.e. potentially a massive proportion of all business ADSL customers who aren’t necessarily […]

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