bits 'n' bobs

A collection of miscellaneous, ad-hoc, and last minute stuff..

  • music
    i love music, and here’s a list of what i’ve been listening to, and what i’ve been wasting my money on in the iTunes store
  • b3ta
    some stuff i’ve posted to b3ta in the past …
  • desktop screengrabs
    giggle at my complete lack of desktop organisational skills since 1999 …
  • that damn matrix phone
    <geek> it’s not a 7110, it’s an 8110 dammit! </geek>
  • pentium iii hunting
    shhh, be vewy vewy quiet, we’re hunting pwocessors …
  • polaroids
    the random images that appear on the about me page of this site
  • sysinfo
    machine stats from around the network …
  • tivo
    more about my tivo, including what’s on it right now …
  • the face
    … can you endure — the face?
  • webcam
    invariably content-free …
  • yoda
    a jedi you will be, mmmmmmm

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