Drink Camp

The first rule of Drink Camp is: you do not talk about Drink Camp. The second rule of Drink Camp is: you do not talk about Drink Camp. Third rule: If someone says “shots!”, orders a martini, or drinks Fosters, the drink is over. Fourth rule: Only one glass to a drink. Fifth rule: One […]

Mind If I Borrow Something Blue?

Cool, I’m apparently getting married! And all it took was a text message … I wonder what John will wear … Actually, Sabrina has gotten herself—and her excellent site—a write up in the Daily Telegraph — way to go, hon!

Nigritude Ultramarine

Nigritude Ultramarine — because Anil told me to. Clearly Nigritude Ultramarine has a lot to offer the world, but I’m sure it won’t be long before George Bush bans it! Ah, playing with SEO, gotta love it. However … as much as I hate to indulge SEO tactics … Nigritude Ultramarine is clearly something we […]

Genghis Updates Blog Shocker

In shock news, Genghis has updated his blog, made more than one post in a day, and it finally doesn’t look all grey and stuff! Just thought I’d mention it, because I was quite shocked, I tell you! Yours, Shocked of Chipping Sodbury.

.ie: Home Again, Home Again, Jiggedy Jig

I’ve been home since about half past ten this (yesterday) morning, caught up on email (about 2,200), said lo to lots of online people, slept, watched some stuff I’d taped onto the TiVo and Sky+, slept a bit more, ate, and I’m here typing now plugging in all the offline blog entries I’d made and […]

.ie: Lemon Flavoured Graph Thing

Dunno how, but the Vaio’s battery is down to 17% — I don’t remember it being this low earlier 😛 I’m up on the top mezzanine floor in Top Crust, just chowed down on some Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes (breakfast of champions), am still munching on a chicken and stuffing sandwich, and I have some […]

.ie: Never Get Out of the Boat

The first time I leave my seat in hours, and someone nicks it. And it’s a soggy bint to boot. I wandered away from my makeshift crash zone to check the screens so I knew roughly where I was checking in (row 8, as it happens), and when I got back — and I only […]

.ie: Airport Survival Guide

I’ve found a comfy(ish) chair upstairs in the check-in hall, I’m surrounded by a few foreigners on standby for random destinations, and it’s sleepy time! I have to say that finding a page all about crashing overnight in Dublin airport just made it even more clear to me two things: first, that the Internet is […]

.ie: Comfy Chairs

My plan was always — always — to get everyone to the airport in ample time to sit down, chill out, grab some munch/drinks, check-in and then go get their flights. And then I would find a comfy chair somewhere and crash like no-one’s crashed before. The reason for this is that while everyone else […]

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