IMAX Disappointment

So two things i’ve been looking forward to for a long time are going to see The Dark Knight and finally getting to see a movie at the IMAX cinema out at the Glasgow Science Centre. It’s a crying shame that the actual experience of going to watch the movie didn’t match up to the […]

"'Iron Man'? That's Kinda Catchy."

After seeing Iron Man last night, Robert Downey Jr. has firmly cemented himself into the canon of my “mostest awesome favourite actor types”. I’ve always liked Downey Jr. — highlights for me were his roles in Air America, Chaplin, and most recently, A Scanner Darkly, Good Night, and Good Luck and Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. […]

ADSL Badness; Unrelated Amusements

My ADSL connection is currently tres latent due to some Cisco badness on BT’s part. If you’re trying to call me on Skype or my VoIP number, it’ll either sound like I’m the Moon, or it won’t connect. You may also find my site a tad slow too until it’s sorted out. Still, in other […]

Thieving Scum

A tale of woe from Aled, a fellow mailing list subscriber: the West Brecon Cave Rescue Team has had their rescue Land Rover stolen. How low can society go? If they haven’t repainted it already, it has CAVE RESCUE in big letters down the side, and it’s registration is X338 DCY. If anyone spots it, […]

The Internet is Weird

I got pinged with a friends list request last night on MSN Messenger (although I use Gaim to connect to the network instead of Microsoft’s crappy ad-laden client) from someone I added years ago. I hadn’t heard from them for a while and I think I’d deleted them since Gaim reported I wasn’t on their […]

Saturday Past, Drinking Liquids, All In and Out

sat 1445 GMT home -> car to mcphabbs (loads of guinness and munchies) -> air organic (loads of lager, spirits and a nice boak in the loo) -> $randompub (water and crisps) -> solid rock (guinness and crisps) -> kebab shop (keeebab!) -> firebird (guinness and chips) -> crash at a flat -> sun 1215 […]

Zero Four

Another year, another bunch of drinks 🙂 Went out with Andy, Jade and Jess — started at Jess’s, then Bar Oz, Waxy’s for the bells, and then some random flat out west. Good night, good craic, sorted. Made it home just before 8 — I only remember the actual time because I snapped a couple […]

well, iyanus and I didn't

well, iyanus and I didn’t do the nottingham run, but what we did do was stoat down to Cardiff to see our mate Jim on Friday evening with Ade and Martin. We left Cumbernauld about fiveish, had to detour round Clydebank then Paisley then Hamilton before we could continue the mass pilgrimage to the land […]

what a gorgeous day it

what a gorgeous day it was yesterday … spent the day with gillian, ade, martin, manish and kenny stoating about kelvingrove park, cumbernauld and paisley. also ended up building up ade’s sisters PC and rebulding martins folks PC. ech. Still, had to be done. I’m doing silly video/sound card groz to my cousins PC today […]

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