ADSL Badness; Unrelated Amusements

My ADSL connection is currently tres latent due to some Cisco badness on BT’s part. If you’re trying to call me on Skype or my VoIP number, it’ll either sound like I’m the Moon, or it won’t connect. You may also find my site a tad slow too until it’s sorted out.

Still, in other news, I’ve found out a great way to get a cheap flatscreen TV that looks like this …

[Photo of flatscreen TV]

… the only problem is, that to install it, you have to do this …

[Photo of back of flatscreen TV]

🙂 Cheers to Derek for that!

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5 responses to “ADSL Badness; Unrelated Amusements”

  1. Sir,
    This comment is to notify you of my intent to take action against you for damages. Specifically 1 laptop recently sprayed in coffee after exhaling at force due to the comical nature of said TV. It was innappropriate of you to post such humourous content without a suitable NSFK ( Not safe for keyboards ) warning or other spoiler preparation device. I trust this matter will be settled amicably.

    Nik Butler

    ps .
    You get this post is in jest right because sometimes the humour impaired ! sigh ! . Anyway thanks for that image the desk has now been wiped clean of coffee stains. and you are a utter something or other for doing that to me!

  2. Nice TV but have you ever seen an LCD?? you dont need a bloomin great hole in the wall for one of those to be flast against it 🙂