R.I.P. Another Part of My Youth

Tony Hart has died, as has Patrick McGoohan and Richardo Montalban. I’m always stunned at how poignant it can be hearing a celebrity you remember most from when you were a kid has died, even though you’ve likely had only a very peripheral attachment to them, perhaps seeing them on TV or in movies. I […]

IMAX Disappointment

So two things i’ve been looking forward to for a long time are going to see The Dark Knight and finally getting to see a movie at the IMAX cinema out at the Glasgow Science Centre. It’s a crying shame that the actual experience of going to watch the movie didn’t match up to the […]

"'Iron Man'? That's Kinda Catchy."

After seeing Iron Man last night, Robert Downey Jr. has firmly cemented himself into the canon of my “mostest awesome favourite actor types”. I’ve always liked Downey Jr. — highlights for me were his roles in Air America, Chaplin, and most recently, A Scanner Darkly, Good Night, and Good Luck and Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. […]

HD Trailertastic

I was wondering why my iTunes Music folder was taking up so much room on my hard disk, and in checking I realised: it’s because I subscribe to the 720p HD Trailer Podcast and I’d forgotten to expire out watched ‘episodes’. It’s a neat way to catch up with new HD trailers without having to […]

If Saul Bass ...

… designed the titles for Star Wars, they’d look something like this.

Told You, I Did

Last year, I thought “how cool would it be to have a Talk Like Yoda Day, you know, like Talk Like a Pirate Day?” I wasn’t the first to have the idea — and I certainly won’t be the last — but I’ve finally managed to throw content onto in time for the proposed […]

Phill Jupitus Update

I really can’t tell if this is planned, or due to my arsiness, but Sky appear to have stopped playing the minutes-long Phill Jupitus voiceover espousing how great the next Star Wars movie they’re showing will be. They’re now playing a 20-30 second voiceover by a regular Sky continuity person reminding you a Star Wars […]

Phill Jupitus Voice Overs: Nooooooooooo!

Sent to Sky and Phill Jupitus a couple of minutes ago: To:, Hi Phill / Sky, I’d like to complain about the ridiculous voice overs being used during the credits of movies on Sky Movies. I understand you want to promote the showing of all six Star Wars movies on the Sky movie […]

Kudos to Kevin

I kinda ripped into Kevin Smith the other day for some of his more-than-usually-over-the-top media whore antics in the past few months, but his disgust at movie critic Joel Siegel walking out of Clerks II when only 40 minutes had passed is well placed and well described. If I was to be paid to watch […]

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