The Lady is Back Where She Belongs

Wow. Avro Vulcan XH558 is back where she belongs: in the sky. Takeoff: Flight: See also: “seen over market harborough“. Landing: Brilliant, just brilliant. Looking forward to seeing her at RAF Leuchars next September, if not sooner!

Leuchars Redux

For the last decade or so, I’ve gone to RAF Leuchars Airshow with my dad, also with my late Uncle Hugh in earlier years, and with my mate Jim in later years. This year, however, I had been infected with the plague, and I’d misdiagnosed it earlier in the week as a late-summer hay fever […]

Calling Occupants of Entertained-ful Craft

US budget airline JetBlue have satellite TV built into the aircraft. Each passenger can watch live TV as broadcast on the DIRECTV platform (similar to Sky here in the UK), which is pretty damn cool. Something similar could surely be done with Sky on UK domestic flights, which would make up for the utter lack […]


The martians released their black smoke, but the ship sped on, cutting down one of the tripod figures. Instantly, the others raised their heat rays, and melted the Thunderchild’s valiant heart. Good grief, didn’t NASA learn anything from any of the different versions of The Martian Chronicles or The War of the Worlds? Those little […]

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