Clear Case of Web Service Envy

Is there no end to this John Naughton nonsense? Does anyone really care if John doesn’t understand that economists, financiers, brokers and anyone else interested in the US finance markets will love Google Finance?

Break the Chain

I got a beauty forwarded to me this morning in my email: —–Original Message—– From: [snip’d] Sent: Monday, January 16, 2006 08:56 To: [snip’d] Subject: Message from Strathclyde Police THIS MESSAGE WAS RECEIVED FROM STRATHCLYDE POLICE CAR JACKING SCHEME You walk across the car park, unlock your car and get inside. Then you lock all […]

Bill Gates: Off Rocker

After reading about Bill Gates’ inconsistent predictions for the future with regard to voice recognition, here’s further proof that Gates doesn’t have a fucking clue what he’s talking about: The other fascinating thing about this change is that it has, to some extent, fulfilled Bill Gates’s prediction of January 2004 that “Two years from now, […]

Memex Errata

Bit disappointed in John Naughton today … first he gets the year wrong for the first commercial SMS — it was 1992 regardless of when your phone supported it, John. Then, in today’s new spangly Berliner-format Observer, he states that the Internet was “developed between 1973 and 1983”. The first international connection — from the […]

Google Pack

At last, someone at Google has realised something that I and others have known about for ages: it takes ages to install applications on Windows because everything is disparate and has its own installer. On Ubuntu, I can fire up a simple Add Applications applet which allows me to browse a selection of apps of […]

Return of the Observer Blog

Mothballed last year, the Observer Blog has returned in preparation for the Sunday newspaper’s relaunch into the Berliner format — the same process its stablemate The Guardian successfully went through in September 2005. has more details on the relaunch.

Microsoft WMF Patch

Microsoft WMF Patch — it’s live and available.

Bob Cringley Discusses Oboe

Robert X. Cringely casts a critical eye at Oboe, the mp3tunes locker service, asks Michael Robertson (he of and Linspire) how he thinks the business can be profitable, and looks at how Apple may be doing something similar. read more | digg story

Well to be Sold

BBC News: Pioneering net community sold off. Those who know me know I’ve had a Well account and mail address for the last six years. How interesting that this community, which has gone through turmoil and sale after sale is having to be sold on again. I don’t know who thinks they can make money […]

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