Holy Hail, Batman!

I was just about to go make some brekkie, waiting for the Phill Jupitus breakfast show to start on 6music, when I heard a weird crackling in the office. “Crap, something’s on fire,” was my first thought, my second was to start reaching for a fire extinguisher … then I turned off dabbar, and listened […]

'I Take Every Day One Beer At A Time, Every Beer One Sip At A Time'

Finally, I’ve made it back into the house after a week all over the frickin’ place. Southampton, Dunbar, Glasgow, Dundee — the poor car didn’t know what happened to it 🙂 So I’m back at my desk at home, plugging away at work, listening to Denis Leary: No Cure for Cancer, thinkin’ about paying some […]

I'm still alive ... <promise

I’m still alive … <promise towhom=”self”> I will update this more often </promise> … cisco have told me that they can’t think about taking me on until August – random hiring freeze time … oh Cisco are posting a few million less dollars profit this year, even though it’s still more than the GNP of […]

off to belfast next week

off to belfast next week for a random Exchange Server installation … should be fun! The work is supposed to be giving me a 300 quid cash advance on my expenses, but they couldn’t give me the money through a BACS transfer cos our finance system is shite, and the promised cheque in-lieu-of still hasn’t […]

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