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  • Lunch Club

    The first rule of Lunch Club is you do not talk about Lunch Club The second rule of Lunch Club is you do not talk about Lunch Club Third rule: If someone says “nachos!”, orders a garlic bread, or eats with their fingers, the lunch is over Fourth rule: Only one plate to a person […]

  • CompressedJuneJuly

    It’s time for another Cram Post, Neuro Style. june » to san francisco for a couple of weeks to acclimatise to linden lab culture and processes, very chilled yet productive fortnight, i can now convert pounds sterling to/from US dollars and PDT to/from BST in my head; july » had great fun trying to procure […]

  • Overheard at Develop 2007, Brighton

    Got back from Develop at Brighton at the weekend. Got some choice quotes from the couple of days I was there. “Do you do a fish butty?” (asked in the fish and chip shop next to the Hilton Metropole) “This is fucking awful!” (said by an unknown woman to Peter Molyneux outside the Hilton) “I’m […]

  • A Second Day

    Today, I start my new job working as a Distributed NOC Engineer for Linden Lab, developers of Second Life. This is the crest of a hill I’ve been climbing since early March, when I was made redundant from my last job: I spent a few minutes converting my rich text CV to plain text and […]

  • Ketchup

    I like to blog, but I’ve been remiss in posting. So what better time than the end of the year to post what I’ve been up to. Three tomatoes are walking down the street: a poppa tomato, a momma tomato, and a little baby tomato. Baby tomato starts lagging behind. Poppa tomato gets angry, goes […]

  • Microsoft WMF Patch

    Microsoft WMF Patch — it’s live and available.

  • Pah!

    Atkins named in the UK�s Top 10 Best Big employers — pah! Group HR director Alun Griffiths says: �This is great news and reflects the effort and investment we have made in recent years to make Atkins a terrific place to work. As well as providing first class career opportunities, we support the training and […]

  • $ /usr/bin/aggregate –since=”2004-12-01″

    Crap. I love blogging, but sometimes I just zone out and forget all about it. So it’s time for another CramBlogEntryDuNeuro™ … november > new car > dj’ed (!) at john and sabrina‘s wedding > videoisland died > december > firefox 1.0 > rediscovered celestia > blagged myself a free iPod mini (a gold one, […]

  • Here, There, and Back Again

    Quick entry before I head off to work. Yeah, to work, I’m no longer working from home. Most people who know me know this already, but I left SmoothWall Ltd. last month to work in sysadmin at Lumison, formerly edNET, an Edinburgh-based ISP. As my post to the SmoothWall community says, it was just a […]