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"1.21 Gigawatts?!?!"
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Today’s fun find — OK, today for me, as the rest of the blogosphere found out about this on Thursday — is Google‘s new calculator feature. Ask it anything. To start you off, Jason Kottke and Andrew Baio have some cool and vaguely practical uses, such as imaginary numbers, how much space does an hour worth of 128kbps MP3s take up, the speed of a DeLorean going backwards through time, number of miles in a light year and the speed of light in knots.

Google have obviously hooked the calculator up to Deep Thought, because it correctly responds with the answer to the ultimate question of live, the universe and everything. However, finding out one of life’s other greater mysteries — can a wood a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood — may have to wait a while longer :)

  1. I have 2 1.21 gigowatts machines for sale,
    by crosiing 6 moters to eachother and never crossing and-‘s
    and reaching out to touch other breaches.
    creating 1.21 gigowatts at the speed of 88 mph, the machine osculates. creating a ufo called stellestatticks.
    and myrum time machines.
    with about $43,000 dollers i well buy you 6 heavey
    capacitors a 18 gauge roll of wire, and a heavey car cigrette lighter adapter, I also have to pay for shipping and handeling for you.when you send a check, I take your order. and make you a flux capacitor.the machine when finished costs $190,000,000 but you only pay 35,000 dollers. my adress is 255 iowa ave se apt 18 huron sd 57350.
    I want to have it so every one can have a myrum the future. thank you joshua north peigan.

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