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30th on the 30th (almost)
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It’s all been and gone …

Update: 2004-03-28 15:34 BST

If you wanted to come along, you’ve missed out — photies and stuff soon.


I’m 30 years old on the 30th of March, 2004. I’ve decided that much drinking is in order, and that in the interests of fairness, that the drinking shouldn’t occur on that day (it’s a Tuesday) but on the previous Saturday instead.

I’ve also decided (this having a birthday grants some magic decision making powers, eh?) that the drinking should be distributed across several alcoholic beverage retail outlets, specifically those that permit consumption on the premises, or publets. This is known as a “pub crawl”, or to some simply as “lunch”, but I will call it the Alcohol Redistribute after Gather Hoopla, or ARGH. By use of a wrapper protocol, which I shall call SACP (Stomach-Alcohol Carrier Protocol), we will gather alcoholic content from the distributed publets using glassorplastic AISIGHC (Alcohol In-Situ Intra-Gather Holding Containers), and redeploy the content via UAGC (Urinitic-Alcohol Gathering Containers) for later recycling and return into the distribution-gather-reployment cycle.

You can either tender for this process or you can join me for a shitload of drinks, your call.

Incidentally, if you can be arsed actually getting me something for my birthday, my wishlist is at if you’re feeling benevolent / mental :)


Saturday 27th March 2004, from around 3pm GMT to whenever the same/next day/month.


Glesga. West End. Byres Road. Eventually. has a list of hotels and hostels in and around Glasgow, which should be a good jumping-off point in finding accommodation should you need it. If you book now, you should be able to get reasonable rates from BA, bmi, bmibaby, sleazyjet and the like. You really want to fly into Glasgow International (Abbotsinch) [GLA / EGPF] if you have to fly—Ryanair, aka Prestwick [PIK / EGPK], is miles and miles away (literally), although there is a regular train service into Central Station. If you do go to GLA, here’s how to get to the city centre—kinda useful :)

There’s trains and buses and stuff too. What do I know, I have a car, I haven’t taken a bus into Glasgow in years!


Me, singular. You, plural. Cheetah, fetch bananas!


I really don’t see the point in a traditional pub-DJ-banners-balloons party, as it’s very much the thing you had done to you when you’re 11. At my 11th birthday party, a kid called Philip decided my choice of birthday video (Supergirl—don’t bloody ask) was crap, as he’d seen it before. No-one else there had seen it, and had yet to reach the same opinion. That pissed me off. Just thought I’d mention that.

Also, my last two birthdays have been something of blowouts, so I feel a strong urge to go out and get proper smashed. With you lot in tow, digital cameras no doubt ahoy. I await the extortion envelopes with glee.


Start in McPhabb’s around 3pm for lunch and initial drinkies—they serve some fantastic food, have good beer, the bar staff are usually amusing, and the music is usually cracking.

This is also a good gab/munch/drink staging point for anyone who wants to come along and gi’me ma dumps, but don’t necessarily want to engage in full on evening debauchery.

McPhabb’s can be found at 23 Sandyford Place, Glasgow, G3 7NG — it’s just up Sauchiehall St on the left hand side, away from Charing X in the the direction of Glasgow Uni, Kelvin Hall, etc. There are some wee reviews of it at the nightb4 website.

Once we’ve been there for a while, and allowed folk to collect and mill about, we can move on to the next pub and begin drinking and reciting Vogon poetry. Or not, as the local digestive tracts of nearby drinkers may allow.

Alternately, please consult the diagram:

A nice tabular text format is available for those who don’t like piccies. If you’ve any suggestions to make on the route (i.e. additional or replacement stops), please let me know.

The route in theory should be (as of 2004-02-24):
McPhabb’s » Three Judges » Chancellor » Whistler’s Mother » Tennents Bar » Jinty McGuinty’s

Jinty’s need not be the end-point, it’s just that’s the way I have the route figured. We can always follow Byres Road round onto Great Western Road and work our way down to Hubbards or Bar Oz. We could also possibly stop in at Air Organic on the way from McPhabb’s to The Three Judges. Flexibility shall be our watchword! :)

Can / Can’t?

Sure, just let me know by email or by phone that you can or can’t make it.

Funny Bit?

I let John do the funnies.

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