neurothon II

What? I’m 32 years old on the 30th of March, 2006. This means it’s time for another drinking bash which, since 2004’s debauchery[1] was nicknamed “neurothon”, I’ve decided to call neurothon II: revenge of neurothon! As usual, my birthday seems to be falling on a random day — Thursday this year — so I thought […]

"You Call This Archaeology?": An Indiana Jones Drinking Game

Pending an evening of the Indiana Jones trilogy and a shitload of drinks, I humbly plagiarise and present: To Prepare You’ll need the following: The Indiana Jones trilogy, preferably on Blu Ray:    A movie playback device, and a humungous TV (surround sound system recommended) Bunch of friends who aren’t surly drunks A shitload of […]

IRC Ridiculousness

[00:13] * markmm has had a daughter [00:13] <pickle> markmm: congrats! [00:14] <pickle> markmm: you can have a drink now! [00:14] <drochaid> whose daughter did he have? [00:14] <drochaid> oh I see, right [00:14] <drochaid> congrats markmm [00:15] <Elwell> mother n sprog all OK? [00:15] <markmm> 4:20am friday, so ive had a couple of beers […]

Who Needs CNN When You Have IRC?

From #scotlug … [12:28] <tam> PRESIDENTIAL RESULT[12:28] <tam> Kerry wins[12:28] <tam>[12:28] <edward> tam: that’s just DC[12:28] <tam> ah


I haven’t been blogging much lately, so I haven’t tapped out some of the stuff I’ve been up to. One of those things was to sit two (cheap) Linux Professional Institute exams in the middle of last month. Net Resources through in Edinburgh were getting themselves organised to be the first LPI certification exam provider […]

30th on the 30th (almost)

It’s all been and gone … Update: 2004-03-28 15:34 BST If you wanted to come along, you’ve missed out — photies and stuff soon. What? I’m 30 years old on the 30th of March, 2004. I’ve decided that much drinking is in order, and that in the interests of fairness, that the drinking shouldn’t occur […]

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