Update Shocker

I know, I know, I haven’t updated my blog in an absolute age, but I decided to give it a quick spring-clean (albeit towards the end of summer) and apply a very nice theme from Elmastudio. Hopefully nothing looks badly broken, but if it does, please let me know. In other news, blah blah stuff […]


2010 heralds my fifth decade on this planet (and my 3rd on the interwebs). A history lesson, although not necessarily in a completely chronological order, shall follow shortly for your delectation. For those impatient, tl:dr types: Got born. Got named. Got fed. Got schooled. Got laid. Got job. Got paid. Geeked out. Spent too much. […]

Operation Undisc: For Sale: 1990-2008

I’ve decided to take a leaf out of Jemima‘s book, and rip and sell all my music CDs. Why? Well, I have the following: a shitload of CDs a shitload of hard disk space a desire not to have my lounge cluttered with CDs any more, and an impetus to make a wee bit of […]

No More SmoothWall (For Me)

Some of you who know me may know my fascination and infatuation for SmoothWall, the open source Linux firewall distro. You may be interested to know that I’ve decided to take my leave of the project after just over 7 years. To explain, I need to tell a story of how I got there in […]

Easy Peasy WordPress Upgrades

My blog software, WordPress, has been nagging me to upgrade it for a few days now. It’s normally an easy process: go to the website, download the tar archive, untar into a temporary directory, then cp -a the files into my blog’s Apache virtual host directory. However, Aq noticed a slightly easier way: use Subversion. […]

A Second Day

Today, I start my new job working as a Distributed NOC Engineer for Linden Lab, developers of Second Life. This is the crest of a hill I’ve been climbing since early March, when I was made redundant from my last job: I spent a few minutes converting my rich text CV to plain text and […]

neurothon II

What? I’m 32 years old on the 30th of March, 2006. This means it’s time for another drinking bash which, since 2004’s debauchery[1] was nicknamed “neurothon”, I’ve decided to call neurothon II: revenge of neurothon! As usual, my birthday seems to be falling on a random day — Thursday this year — so I thought […]

Bargain Alert

Last week, I bought a cheesy Pinnacle USB2 TV-in device. I really only wanted it for composite video in from a PlayStation2; the fact it had an aerial socket for analogue terrestrial TV wasn’t a factor in the purchase at all. In fact the main purchase factor was that it was in stock at a […]

LUGRadio Mirror

I’ve finally resurrected my domain by re-registering it with Why didn’t I use, my regular registrar of over five years? Because godaddy also have some insanely cheap hosting — US$37/yr for 5GB of storage and 250GB of transfer a month. That’s riduculously cheap. So what am I going to do with all […]

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