Natalie Portman Comes of Age

Sorry, it wasn’t Natalie Portman being photographed topless on a beach by paparazzi, or being cast in V for Vendetta, or shaving her head, but this segment from a recent Saturday Night Live which makes me think “hey, Natalie Portman, not a kid anymore” …

Cheers to NBC for letting a kosher version finally become available.

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4 responses to “Natalie Portman Comes of Age”

  1. Shaves head… check
    Angry music… check
    Denying persona imposed by management… check

    Natalie – you’re turning into Sinead O’Connor.

  2. Natalie if your as crazy as me, you might knot mind the jump through to insanity, if that is….. you girl I know can bleed me as you, this much as me, A HOME’E… doing what it is, to show, all that, generation gaps, (31) yeah I, I can still feel your pain, I’ve grown much 2 much, in here my ‘TIME’ too say good luck to someone who,,,, ‘it’s (his) here, baby girl and the day saying why,I KNOWN you should hear my name, ”it’s TIME”.. I’ve add, buy, did you, and yours, mind,body to please you, my soul, yeahx3… then there’s my body, please girl, ewe, you know I’ve clocked you AGAIN & AGAIN, don’t make my HEART break, by doing as little to me as you do(those that don’t know RAGGAMUFFIN DANCE) you’ll do it……… theirs soul. much in you, and my LIFE I do offer… believe me I’IIIII… to say, here there I’m 2 all thats on offer, truth to &,, for ewe, I’m still in need,you, ewe is 1 one truth, that baby mother, from HE the one to call on ecstacy ‘hey’ (with a bottle off portuguise rose , i’d still be on top,,, do this to me woman or, please higher lord-god, do it to me with strikes that can be contagious, forever an optimist…. get BACK, to me this the one girl to maker me heart shine, full of love with no anybody else hymn mind……… amen the mic…….music PLEASE keep control, I want you, I need ewe, whats made me bleed,,,,, GOD’S GO RUSH & DANCE….. NATALIE, THE ONE WHOM THERE AIN’T, DON’T KNOWN NO ONE BETTER,,, NATALIE YOU… EWE … ARE GOING TO LIVE FOREVER……… WITH ALL, AND YOU KNOW IT’S LLLOOOOVEE DR… MIC CONTROLLER,, THE ”’TIME-(BOMB,CLOCK,STARTER,ADJUSTER) too HOPING TO GET SYNCHRONISED…. to the ”WATCH” please my soul heart you, & my body, I see you, & my heart is pounding, this is hour age baby (woman) girlfriend, I wish to love you forever…….. from mister captivated…….. you the audience……. love is what it is,,, the TIME @ now is to go…….., ON and ON thats all 1one bloody motherf£$^*!@~>…… do the rapp-ting on it all again… as this is getting to become ”HARDCORE”….. soul of ewe, YOU, ”NATALIE”…… is the name worthy screaming,,,, BACK !ONE TIME…… this woman ‘bleeds’ as i tell all……. this came from MICHAEL,,, all othersssss I HOPE YOU ALL CAN READ HERE……. CLOCK’IT… I’m open wide, what can it mean, ONE TIME………..

  3. wanted to adjust what it was i wrote… i don’t know here but gone from earlier….. (in genral the previous comment)… looking again I must have smoked to much… now don’t say to anybody that natalie portman can’t blow your mind.. I mean… you me and some one to stop me would be all I could think about,,, with out it all being to long winded and being down both barrels of a bottle of jack daniels… i’d say the change could have done the talking two pence worth…. still funny shit revisited… where did my head go… um yeah long TIME ago… natsta mind blower… yak