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  • burnin’ hole in yr pocket

    It’s Sonic Youth Week on iTunes to celebrate the release of their new album, The Eternal. It’s a classic Sonic album, g’wan, give it a go, you’ll love it as much as I do!

  • Battlestar Galactica’s Endgame

    Battlestar Galactica’s Endgame

    When I was a kid, one of the stand-out moments of the week was getting to watch an awesome American action-adventure serial on TV. Airwolf, Street Hawk, Manimal, Automan, The A-Team, Quantum Leap, Star Trek, The Fall Guy, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Knight Rider, even Blue Thunder. What drove me to keep watching…

  • Tony Benn, Old School

    The BBC, along with BSkyB, have decided not to air an advertisement for DEC‘s Gaza appeal, asking for donations to go towards essential aid from thirteen charities for those affected by the Israeli offensive in Gaza. Not only have they linked to the bloody DEC website in a news story about how they won’t promote…

  • R.I.P. Another Part of My Youth

    Tony Hart has died, as has Patrick McGoohan and Richardo Montalban. I’m always stunned at how poignant it can be hearing a celebrity you remember most from when you were a kid has died, even though you’ve likely had only a very peripheral attachment to them, perhaps seeing them on TV or in movies. I…

  • Dark Days

    First, Rangers get beaten in the UEFA Cup final, then a core of arsehole Rangers fans decide to rampage across Manchester’s city centre, and now news that Celtic legend Tommy Burns has died. These are dark days for Scottish football.

  • “‘Iron Man’? That’s Kinda Catchy.”

    “‘Iron Man’? That’s Kinda Catchy.”

    After seeing Iron Man last night, Robert Downey Jr. has firmly cemented himself into the canon of my “mostest awesome favourite actor types”. I’ve always liked Downey Jr. — highlights for me were his roles in Air America, Chaplin, and most recently, A Scanner Darkly, Good Night, and Good Luck and Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang.…

  • If Saul Bass …

    … designed the titles for Star Wars, they’d look something like this.

  • “How Much Time We Got?”

    One of the best bits of television ever.

  • CompressedJuneJuly

    It’s time for another Cram Post, Neuro Style. june » to san francisco for a couple of weeks to acclimatise to linden lab culture and processes, very chilled yet productive fortnight, i can now convert pounds sterling to/from US dollars and PDT to/from BST in my head; july » had great fun trying to procure…