Tony Benn, Old School

The BBC, along with BSkyB, have decided not to air an advertisement for DEC‘s Gaza appeal, asking for donations to go towards essential aid from thirteen charities for those affected by the Israeli offensive in Gaza.

Not only have they linked to the bloody DEC website in a news story about how they won’t promote DEC’s appeal — and thus are promoting DEC’s appeal — they’ve now been schooled by Tony Benn, whose cachet has risen even further since yesterday. Spare three minutes and watch Tony absolutely stomp all over Maxine Mawhinney on BBC News.

[via Graham Linehan]

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One response to “Tony Benn, Old School”

  1. I went to see TB speak at Westminster Central Hall in 1990 with the late Enoch Powell. Amazing chap – shame his son doesn't have the same convictions but I think only someone who is old school, having given up a peerage and lost a brother in a Spitfire and been around for the length of time he has to be given his dues.