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  • YouTube Hasn’t Been “Hacked”

    YouTube is currently off the air. Several people are citing a blog post describing the issue as being the victim of DNS poisoning. However, this simply ain’t the case. YouTube hasn’t had their DNS hijacked; Yelvington describes a wildcard match in the whois tool which let’s you see not only but other records […]

  • Easy Peasy WordPress Upgrades

    My blog software, WordPress, has been nagging me to upgrade it for a few days now. It’s normally an easy process: go to the website, download the tar archive, untar into a temporary directory, then cp -a the files into my blog’s Apache virtual host directory. However, Aq noticed a slightly easier way: use Subversion. […]

  • Microsoft and Novell == MAN Love?

    After Microsoft and Novell‘s announcement that they are to start collaboration on tighter integration between Windows and (admittedly SuSE) Linux, there has been a lot of bollocks kicking around from people squealing “this will be bad“, “this will be really bad“, “oh no, it’s the end of the world as we know it“, and so […]

  • BBC Spews: What are the BBC Playing At?

    Just sifting through some tech stories on the BBC News site this morning, and chatting about it to folk on IRC, there are some reporting discrepancies that really wound me up. Hey, what’s new; I love railing on the BBC for minor screw-ups, but for BBC News to get things wrong like this doesn’t bode […]

  • USB iGrill Still Causing Problems

    Well, looks like one of ThinkGeek’s excellent 2003 April Fools — the George Foreman USB iGrill — is still wreaking havoc amongst the gadget blogging community. Not only did Wired’s Gear Factor (cached copy) pick up this from (cached copy) as though new — Wired, newsflash, it’s over three years old — before deleting […]

  • Kudos to Kevin

    I kinda ripped into Kevin Smith the other day for some of his more-than-usually-over-the-top media whore antics in the past few months, but his disgust at movie critic Joel Siegel walking out of Clerks II when only 40 minutes had passed is well placed and well described. If I was to be paid to watch […]

  • Clerks II

    I finally caught up with the new Clerks II trailer at It bodes well that it received an eight minute standing ovation at Cannes last month, but after seeing the first 20 minutes of Jersey Girl again on Sky, I can’t get over the dichotomy that Kevin Smith is a dick. Let me rephrase, […]

  • Nigritude Ultramarine

    Nigritude Ultramarine — because Anil told me to. Clearly Nigritude Ultramarine has a lot to offer the world, but I’m sure it won’t be long before George Bush bans it! Ah, playing with SEO, gotta love it. However … as much as I hate to indulge SEO tactics … Nigritude Ultramarine is clearly something we […]

  • Scottish Blogs Updated

    Looks like the Scottish Blogs site been updated. Funny, I was just looking at nyc bloggers and thinking, “we should really have something like that … hang on, didn’t Gordon McLean [who runs Scottish Blogs] say something about setting up our version of that?” Lo and behold, after making a bit of clicky, I was […]