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Clerks II
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I finally caught up with the new Clerks II trailer at It bodes well that it received an eight minute standing ovation at Cannes last month, but after seeing the first 20 minutes of Jersey Girl again on Sky, I can’t get over the dichotomy that Kevin Smith is a dick.

Let me rephrase, as that comes across as I don’t like or respect the guy. He made Clerks and Mallrats, two movies I love. He’s a maverick independent film-maker. He’s best buds with Tarantino and Rodriguez. He talks openly yet eloquently about his productions, his life and his friendships. But here’s the rub: he made Jersey Girl and he consistently whores his wares across all his company’s websites in such a fashion to make said sites almost unreadable. Maybe I’m just jealous — teeth-grindingly, shaking-fist-wildly-in-the-air jealous — but for a guy with such clue, he seems to fumble the ball more often than most in recent years. This galls me, because as I said, it’s not that I don’t like or don’t respect him.

I’m struggling to find a point here. Perhaps I just need to get these two minor points off my chest: people will buy Kevin’s stuff regardless of how heavily or lightly it’s pimped on his websites, and Jersey Girl really, really licked balls. Seeing another Smith production making its way towards the cinema merely returns those emotions to mind and gives me the chills that the Jersey Girl Effect could happen again: great cast + shit script = shit movie. reports that Kevin will be in the UK in August to promote Clerks 2’s likely end-of-August release date over here, and with the first leg of the trip being in Edinburgh, that seems to co-incide with the Fringe (or more specifically the Edinburgh International Film Festival). I may just have to wander across and ask these very questions in a less vulgar manner. “Oi, Smith, you’re a dick: explain” may not be received too well in person!

  1. I thought Jersey Girl was pretty good… Mallrats sucked horse penis though… right through a straw…

  2. i agree with you in that clerks and mallrats were great, and also that jersey girl sucked balls as did chasing amy imo but that could be just all the soppy shit in it that i don’t like.
    however i’m REALLY looking forward to clerks 2, and it might be the one film that can drag me back to my local theatre

  3. Clerks, Mallrats, Dogma and Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back were all top films!

    Chasing Amy was far to depressing!

    Not seen Jersey Girl, don’t think i want to!

    Clerks II will hopefully be in the first catagory!

  4. u hore’s plz dont mock the fat man hes an exellant movie maker……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. u peple r the ball likers…bong !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. clerks was a spot on,mallrats was funny so was chasing amy,enjoyed dogma & jay&silent bob strike back.
    Jersey girl was ok-just! Clerks 2 is an excellent return to form for kevin smith & a worthy sequel on the whole he’s made lots of very funny films that i can watch time & time again!!!!
    Lookin forward to his next film it’s gonna be a horror-no not jersey girl 2!!!!

  6. Hi

    I was so lucky to Kevin Smith on interview in Edinburgh. He's such an awesome and funny guy. Have a look at shots I've taken, I hope you will enjoy.

  7. View Askew is on the whole, a good movie making company, provided your not offended easily. The scripts have complex vocabulary, and wide band jokes. they don’t stick to fart and dick jokes, nor are they focused on political issues. Kevin Smiths is a talented writer, and I hope to fuck that the two films I have yet to see (jearsy girl and Clrks 2) don’t let him down. (also I think Dogma was the best, if only for Rufus. Chris rock is an excellent apostle, and alan rickman? a serrafin? genius)

    but, like all is all,
    These are my opinions, and cannot be counted as fact.

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