YouTube Hasn’t Been “Hacked”

YouTube is currently off the air. Several people are citing a blog post describing the issue as being the victim of DNS poisoning. However, this simply ain’t the case.

YouTube hasn’t had their DNS hijacked; Yelvington describes a wildcard match in the whois tool which let’s you see not only but other records where forms part of the overall domain name, but doesn’t actually affect the lookup of * at all, e.g. YOUTUBE.COM.IS.N0T.AS.1337.AS.WWW.GULLI.COM. Check out something similar which happens when you lookup

The simple fact is that YouTube is inaccessible due to the leak of network route announcements from outside a Pakistani ISP’s network border to implement a government-sanctioned block of certain YouTube ISPs. In other words, someone messed up. YouTube can easily re-appear on the net once either the Pakistani ISP resolves their route announcement snafu, or Google shift the servers onto alternate IPs not part of the /24 block being announced. Simple.

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