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  • Tony Benn, Old School

    The BBC, along with BSkyB, have decided not to air an advertisement for DEC‘s Gaza appeal, asking for donations to go towards essential aid from thirteen charities for those affected by the Israeli offensive in Gaza. Not only have they linked to the bloody DEC website in a news story about how they won’t promote […]

  • Microsoft and Novell == MAN Love?

    After Microsoft and Novell‘s announcement that they are to start collaboration on tighter integration between Windows and (admittedly SuSE) Linux, there has been a lot of bollocks kicking around from people squealing “this will be bad“, “this will be really bad“, “oh no, it’s the end of the world as we know it“, and so […]

  • BBC Spews: What are the BBC Playing At?

    Just sifting through some tech stories on the BBC News site this morning, and chatting about it to folk on IRC, there are some reporting discrepancies that really wound me up. Hey, what’s new; I love railing on the BBC for minor screw-ups, but for BBC News to get things wrong like this doesn’t bode […]

  • Clerks II

    I finally caught up with the new Clerks II trailer at It bodes well that it received an eight minute standing ovation at Cannes last month, but after seeing the first 20 minutes of Jersey Girl again on Sky, I can’t get over the dichotomy that Kevin Smith is a dick. Let me rephrase, […]

  • BBC News: PlayStation3 Goes On Sale

    PlayStation3 Goes On Sale: I may be a bit twiddled from two bottles of particularly nice French red wine, but even I can see that this is one of the most useless, preposterous and bullshit-filled news stories ever. A UK games site has decided to start taking pre-orders for PS3 units, just as hideous amounts […]

  • Dedicated Perversion?

    BBC News: Extent of child net porn revealed — BT proactively block sites identified by the Internet Watch Foundation assessed as “illegal to view” under the 1978 Child Protection Act, presumably blocking such sites at the IP level, as they don’t use transparent proxies any more. However, an interesting comment in the article is: BT […]