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It’s time for another Cram Post, Neuro Style. june » to san francisco for a couple of weeks to acclimatise to linden lab culture and processes, very chilled yet productive fortnight, i can now convert pounds sterling to/from US dollars and PDT to/from BST in my head; july » had great fun trying to procure […]

Overheard at Develop 2007, Brighton

Got back from Develop at Brighton at the weekend. Got some choice quotes from the couple of days I was there. “Do you do a fish butty?” (asked in the fish and chip shop next to the Hilton Metropole) “This is fucking awful!” (said by an unknown woman to Peter Molyneux outside the Hilton) “I’m […]

Gotta Love Councils

Got a letter through from my local council, telling me a local play area — swings, slides, other public-body approved child death traps — has “been put forward as a site for environmental improvement”. The real genius part of it is this: Please refer to the enclosed plan for details of the proposed scheme. The […]

Scotland 1, France 0

This surely says it all: Gary Caldwell scores for Scotland against France, Hampden Park, 2006-10-07 I was in McPhabb’s for this game, and the atmosphere was unbelievable. What a great day to be a Scotsman. Oh, view the French reaction too!

I've Figured Out Coke Zero

Coke Zero is here, and those who know me know I love anything Coca-Cola related. So a few weeks ago, just after it launched here in the UK, I bought a 500ml bottle of Coke Zero to try, along with a bottle of regular Coke, and left them both overnight in the fridge to chill […]

Scotland to France and Back in Sixty Seconds

cram post á france » thursday 6th july > trip down to portsmouth, hot as hell on the m6 toll, nice smooth sail overnight on brittany ferries; vendredi 7éme juillet > en france, lunch with friend jc who owns l’equinoxe bar at agon coutainville, crashed hard after reaching the gite near coutances; samedi > spent […]

Thieving Scum

A tale of woe from Aled, a fellow mailing list subscriber: the West Brecon Cave Rescue Team has had their rescue Land Rover stolen. How low can society go? If they haven’t repainted it already, it has CAVE RESCUE in big letters down the side, and it’s registration is X338 DCY. If anyone spots it, […]

neurothon II

What? I’m 32 years old on the 30th of March, 2006. This means it’s time for another drinking bash which, since 2004’s debauchery[1] was nicknamed “neurothon”, I’ve decided to call neurothon II: revenge of neurothon! As usual, my birthday seems to be falling on a random day — Thursday this year — so I thought […]

Glasgow Herald: Why the Pope Should Visit Ibrox

Glasgow Herald: Why the Pope Should Visit Ibrox: isn’t it obvious? The International Society of Flying Pig Watchers needs somewhere to hold their inaugural meeting. Harry Reid makes some sensible points, but let’s face it – it’s hardly going to happen, is it?

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