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neurothon II
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I’m 32 years old on the 30th of March, 2006. This means it’s time for another drinking bash which, since 2004’s debauchery[1] was nicknamed “neurothon”, I’ve decided to call neurothon II: revenge of neurothon! As usual, my birthday seems to be falling on a random day — Thursday this year — so I thought Saturday the 1st of April would be as good a time as any to go for some beerage. Last time we completely deviated from the gameplan, so I reckon this year should be much more flexible in so much as not actually having the day/night planned out beyond the following …

  • 12:00 BST Meet up in McPhabb’s, off Sauchiehall St., Glasgow.
  • 12:30 BST Scottish Cup Semi-Final: Gretna v Dundee [2]
    This game should be bloody fantastic!
  • 15:00 BST Meet up in McPhab… erm, haven’t we done this?
    Yeah, but I thought a later meet up time for those who’d like something to eat, a drinkie or three and want to avoid the fitba!
  • 20:00 BST Errr …
    See? I haven’t thought that far ahead.

[1] Cheers to bigkevmcd for reminding my alcohol-riddled brain that neurothon I was two years ago, not one. Bast.
[2] Cheers to kkujawa for pointing out the semi is Gretna v Dundee. *sigh*

As always, whore that I am, my wishlist is at if you’re feeling benevolent / mental :)


Saturday 1st April 2006, from around 12:00-15:00 BST til whenever the same/next day/month.


McPhabb’s, Glasgow. Then onto … somewhere else. Eastwards into the City Centre? Westwards into the, um, West Bit? Let fate decide!


Hopefully me and a big group of my friends and colleagues, but realistically it could be me and a small stuffed monkey called Wiggy. Don’t let this happen!


Why go out and have drinkies with friends? Seems like a good idea. Why not go for a huge semi-planned blowout like the first neurothon? Pfft, I’m getting auld!


Start in McPhabb’s around 12 noon in time to get some beers in for the fitba. If you can’t be arsed with watching 22 guys kick a scary white ball around a field, turn up for around 15:00. Here we can get some munchies, drinkies, guid Guinness and it’s pretty easy to get to from the tube, bus or trains.

This is also a good gab/munch/drink staging point for anyone who wants to come along and gi’me ma dumps, but don’t necessarily want to engage in full on evening debauchery.

McPhabb’s can be found at 23 Sandyford Place, Glasgow, G3 7NG — it’s just up Sauchiehall St on the left hand side, away from Charing X in the the direction of Glasgow Uni, Kelvin Hall, etc. There are some wee reviews of it at the nightb4 website.

There’s no planned route of escape this time — not that we followed the last plan — so we’ll see how it goes.

Can / Can’t?

Sure, just let me know by email or by phone that you can or can’t make it.

Amusing Sign-off?

I really, really hadn’t thought that far ahead.