Virgin's 10 Reasons That Wind Me Up

I got a letter addressed to “The Occupier” from Virgin Media this morning. It’s the latest in many advertising missives that I’m convinced I’m only sent because someone has surveyed the street and spied my Sky minidish attached to my back wall. So this one I got this morning has listed ten reasons to switch […]

YouTube Hasn't Been "Hacked"

YouTube is currently off the air. Several people are citing a blog post describing the issue as being the victim of DNS poisoning. However, this simply ain’t the case. YouTube hasn’t had their DNS hijacked; Yelvington describes a wildcard match in the whois tool which let’s you see not only but other records […]


I like to blog, but I’ve been remiss in posting. So what better time than the end of the year to post what I’ve been up to. Three tomatoes are walking down the street: a poppa tomato, a momma tomato, and a little baby tomato. Baby tomato starts lagging behind. Poppa tomato gets angry, goes […]

ADSL Badness; Unrelated Amusements

My ADSL connection is currently tres latent due to some Cisco badness on BT’s part. If you’re trying to call me on Skype or my VoIP number, it’ll either sound like I’m the Moon, or it won’t connect. You may also find my site a tad slow too until it’s sorted out. Still, in other […]

Well to be Sold

BBC News: Pioneering net community sold off. Those who know me know I’ve had a Well account and mail address for the last six years. How interesting that this community, which has gone through turmoil and sale after sale is having to be sold on again. I don’t know who thinks they can make money […]

'Punters', Auuugh!

El Reg reports: “The latest [local loop unbundling (LLU)] cuts – on top of the reductions announced in May – should make it far more easier for rival telcos to install their kit in BT exchanges and provide services direct to punters.” That’s great news, especially since I work for an ISP who is investing […]

Here, There, and Back Again

Quick entry before I head off to work. Yeah, to work, I’m no longer working from home. Most people who know me know this already, but I left SmoothWall Ltd. last month to work in sysadmin at Lumison, formerly edNET, an Edinburgh-based ISP. As my post to the SmoothWall community says, it was just a […]

Dedicated Perversion?

BBC News: Extent of child net porn revealed — BT proactively block sites identified by the Internet Watch Foundation assessed as “illegal to view” under the 1978 Child Protection Act, presumably blocking such sites at the IP level, as they don’t use transparent proxies any more. However, an interesting comment in the article is: BT […]


According to the BBC, BT is planning to ditch the existing PSTN network and have us all using our phones over a wholly IP-based network by 2009. El Reg has further details of the last mile fibre optic trials that will take place in selected exchanges later this year as part of the initial work […]

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