Here, There, and Back Again

Quick entry before I head off to work. Yeah, to work, I’m no longer working from home. Most people who know me know this already, but I left SmoothWall Ltd. last month to work in sysadmin at Lumison, formerly edNET, an Edinburgh-based ISP. As my post to the SmoothWall community says, it was just a […]

Full of Sound and Fury

Macbeth, Act V, Scene III: “It is a tale / Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, / Signifying nothing.” DaimlerChrysler Corporation’s Reply Brief in Support of its Motion for Summary Disposition: “At bottom, SCO’s arguments, though full of sound and fury, serve only to demonstrate that summary disposition should be granted.” The […]


I haven’t been blogging much lately, so I haven’t tapped out some of the stuff I’ve been up to. One of those things was to sit two (cheap) Linux Professional Institute exams in the middle of last month. Net Resources through in Edinburgh were getting themselves organised to be the first LPI certification exam provider […]

SCO Foot Shooting Continues?

According to a Russian security site [babelfish translation], SCO are behind a new worm (Mydoom) which is designed to target with a DDoS attack this Sunday, while propogating itself in the usual win32 email fashion … seemingly the FBI has raided SCO, detained employees and seized equipment. Truth? Who knows — the whole SCO […]

'A bit early for April Fools..?'

“Bill Gates, the Microsoft founder and the world’s wealthiest man, is to receive an honorary knighthood for “services to global enterprise”.” Yeah, I know, I had to do a double-take on that one too. The Telegraph article also states that “commercial success has led to hatred of him among his competitors.” This in the same […]


For those who think Debian is “hard” to install, let the Chicken Install method dispel a few myths 🙂 I personally have always found Debian fast and easy to install, the new installer should help that become even simpler. The tendency these days is more towards eye candy than actual ease of process. If it’s […]

From Saturday to Monday in Several Easy(ish) Moves

saturday > figuring out how to install debian woody over network using pxe netboot / tftp > successfully installed > grab old write-to-serial-lcd perl script to do cool stuff on newly built deb box > remember how to do rc.local equivalent in debian > pack > drive to town > drive past town to PC […]

I'm still alive ... <promise

I’m still alive … <promise towhom=”self”> I will update this more often </promise> … cisco have told me that they can’t think about taking me on until August – random hiring freeze time … oh Cisco are posting a few million less dollars profit this year, even though it’s still more than the GNP of […]

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