From Saturday to Monday in Several Easy(ish) Moves

saturday > figuring out how to install debian woody over network using pxe netboot / tftp > successfully installed > grab old write-to-serial-lcd perl script to do cool stuff on newly built deb box > remember how to do rc.local equivalent in debian > pack > drive to town > drive past town to PC World > misread opening times and confuse 21:00 with 18:30 > drive back into town > grab random munchies at woodlands shell station > drive to neil‘s > irc from ground floor via wifi to get let in front door to neil’s flat > lan party > sunday > more geekage > the stand, featuring Sandy Nelson (don’t believe this review, he’s funny as hell), Alfie Joey (bloody excellent), Shazia Mirza (almost embarrassingly too self-deprecating to be superbly funny), and ably compered by Michael Redmond (yes, he was in Father Ted), with superb piss-taking of an arsehole heckler all through the night > Uisge Beatha > monday > chips in curry > drive home > soggy chips munch > random genghis produced evolt tool > blog > crash (predicted) > thud

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