Are you one-point-oh?

Operation Undisc: For Sale: 1990-2008

I’ve decided to take a leaf out of Jemima‘s book, and rip and sell all my music CDs. Why? Well, I have the following: a shitload of CDs a shitload of hard disk space a desire not to have my lounge cluttered with CDs any more, and an impetus to make a wee bit of […]

Again, Talk Like Yoda Day, It Is

Talk Like Yoda Day, it is. Talk like Yoda, you must.

Dark Days

First, Rangers get beaten in the UEFA Cup final, then a core of arsehole Rangers fans decide to rampage across Manchester’s city centre, and now news that Celtic legend Tommy Burns has died. These are dark days for Scottish football.

"'Iron Man'? That's Kinda Catchy."

After seeing Iron Man last night, Robert Downey Jr. has firmly cemented himself into the canon of my “mostest awesome favourite actor types”. I’ve always liked Downey Jr. — highlights for me were his roles in Air America, Chaplin, and most recently, A Scanner Darkly, Good Night, and Good Luck and Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. […]

My Dinky Dell Latitude: A Memorial

I dropped my dinky Dell Latitude X300 a couple of weeks ago. The whole thing just locked up hard, and wouldn’t recover from a reboot. I ended up claiming for it on my home insurance. The insurance folks got back to me and said it was unrepairable, and they’ve offered me £400 in vouchers for […]

I Bet 400 Quatloos on the Newcomers

 Best Fight Music, Ever.

HD Trailertastic

I was wondering why my iTunes Music folder was taking up so much room on my hard disk, and in checking I realised: it’s because I subscribe to the 720p HD Trailer Podcast and I’d forgotten to expire out watched ‘episodes’. It’s a neat way to catch up with new HD trailers without having to […]

No More SmoothWall (For Me)

Some of you who know me may know my fascination and infatuation for SmoothWall, the open source Linux firewall distro. You may be interested to know that I’ve decided to take my leave of the project after just over 7 years. To explain, I need to tell a story of how I got there in […]

If Saul Bass ...

… designed the titles for Star Wars, they’d look something like this.

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