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Strange iTunes Censorship

I was flicking through the iTunes Store this morning and noticed something odd … some words in reviews and track titles had asterisks in them as though they were swear words (e.g. ‘b*ll*cks’). But they didn’t appear to be swear words. iTunes uses allmusic for the bulk of their album and single reviews, so luckily […]

Lunch Club

The first rule of Lunch Club is you do not talk about Lunch Club The second rule of Lunch Club is you do not talk about Lunch Club Third rule: If someone says “nachos!”, orders a garlic bread, or eats with their fingers, the lunch is over Fourth rule: Only one plate to a person […]

Who Wants Tea?

Ahhh, Christmas Tapes …

Cabs are Awesome, Unless They're Not

Jono’s post about taxi cabs and close calls with death reminded me of how little hassle I’ve usually had with cab drivers. I usually chat away to cabbies, and tip pretty generously on most occasions, but one guy in San Francisco took the biscuit, and didn’t get tipped. Or chatted to, as I was giving […]

Will It Ever End?

So, I finally finished Grand Theft Auto IV, nearly 4 months after buying it. Well, I thought I had. When the final credits had finished rolling by, I got some achievements for being awesome enough to finish the game … and then I was back in Liberty City. Not at the start again, but where […]

IMAX Disappointment

So two things i’ve been looking forward to for a long time are going to see The Dark Knight and finally getting to see a movie at the IMAX cinema out at the Glasgow Science Centre. It’s a crying shame that the actual experience of going to watch the movie didn’t match up to the […]

Defective in the Head

As someone said on IRC this morning: “the FSF appear to have come up with the perfect plan for how to look like a bunch of annoying, smart-arse tossers“. Has the Free Software Foundation gone nuts? Update 13:30: I don’t seem to be alone on this: popey, mgdm, ZDNet, Slashdot. I’ve been saying for a […]

Google Earth's Photorealistic Touches

Google Earth has had 3D building views for a while, but I didn’t realise how good the quality of the newer photorealistic buildings were until I decided to recreate one of my favourite skyline shots using Google Earth. At the thumbnail level, it’s hard to tell which is which. Gobsmackingly impressive stuff.

A Sonic Screwdriver Too Far

I’ve just finished watching both Friday night’s Battlestar Galactica on Sci Fi — the mid-season finale “Revelations”, the last episode until the start of 2009 — and Saturday night’s Doctor Who on BBC One — “Midnight”, another mid-season episode, but with more to come from next week onwards. The current productions of Doctor Who suffer […]

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