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A Second Day
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Today, I start my new job working as a Distributed NOC Engineer for Linden Lab, developers of Second Life. This is the crest of a hill I’ve been climbing since early March, when I was made redundant from my last job: I spent a few minutes converting my rich text CV to plain text and applying for a position that I knew I could do, but wasn’t sure I could get. Within a fortnight, and after two interviews — one of them “in-world”, i.e. inside Second Life — I was invited to Linden Lab’s offices in San Francisco for what turned out to be five interviews in one day.

Fast forward through a month of waiting, deliberating, and sheer willpower, and I was finally offered the position; another fortnight and everything was 99% sorted. The stress load I’ve been under has all but vanished. I’m so looking forward to this job it hurts, but in a good way!

After a couple of weeks orientation “in-world”, i.e. inside Second Life, I’m going back out to San Francisco to properly meet everyone I’ll be working with. Given what I’ve already heard about the environment, it should be fun!

And no, this doesn’t mean I can give you free land / free objects / free Linden dollars / fix your account / [insert any other item from a resident’s wishlist], even if you bribe me well ask really nicely. Fixing the grid at 2am SLT if there’s problems, on the other hand, will probably be slap bang in the middle of my remit, but that doesn’t mean you can hassle me about it πŸ˜‰

Oh, Talk Like Yoda Day, today is. Talk like Yoda, you must! For today, anyway.

  1. congrats!

    i hope you will blog a little about the job, i try and get ‘in-world’ when i can, and have lots of conversations at work with a pal of mine, who is big into SL.

    hey, what about a LRL event ‘in-world’, now that would be cool for those that can’t attend

  2. Ooh oooh! Welcome aboard to Linden Lab, Neuro! I look forward to working with you. (I’m on the Community Team.) πŸ™‚

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