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I love blogging, but sometimes I just zone out and forget all about it. So it’s time for another CramBlogEntryDuNeuro™ …

november > new car > dj’ed (!) at john and sabrina‘s wedding > videoisland died > december > firefox 1.0 > rediscovered celestia > blagged myself a free iPod mini (a gold one, bling bling) > culturekitchen > smoothwall‘s site got hacked :( > new phone > chill out! > finally sold the tivo > sun must buy red hat or die! > rediscovered dooce > cheerio blunkett > ny times firefox ad > ruff! > strange people at my work make christmas video card > equally strange, but absolutely superb, works night out > on call from 24th to 31st :P > enjoyed quiet christmas with family, slightly marred by getting called out on xmas eve, plus some evil boxing day late-nightness due to some bloody worm > tsunami badness > rediscovered chunk‘s snowball > finally managed to download grand theft auto 2 > january > came off call, drinkies, sore head, oy > thank god the west wing is back > rediscovered queen of sky > pro evo soccer 4 kicks serious arse > brad and jen split up — so she’ll be shopping around then … :) > learndirect sucks > so looking forward to huygens landing this friday …

… and relax.

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