ADSL Badness; Unrelated Amusements

My ADSL connection is currently tres latent due to some Cisco badness on BT’s part. If you’re trying to call me on Skype or my VoIP number, it’ll either sound like I’m the Moon, or it won’t connect. You may also find my site a tad slow too until it’s sorted out. Still, in other […]

Gotta Love Councils

Got a letter through from my local council, telling me a local play area — swings, slides, other public-body approved child death traps — has “been put forward as a site for environmental improvement”. The real genius part of it is this: Please refer to the enclosed plan for details of the proposed scheme. The […]

Talk Like Yoda Day?

Tomorrow is, as always, Talk Like a Pirate Day. It’s a day when everyone should talk like a pirate. There’s no real reason behind it, other than it’s fun. However, I’d like to nominate May 21st as Talk Like Yoda Day. Why May 21st? It’s the date in 1980 when The Empire Strikes Back — […]

'Mon the Podcasts!

Coupla podcast-tastic things happening, both of which have sweary bits. Woo. First, myself and some of the LugRadio IRC/forum regulars started up hashlugradio, to discuss topics brought up in episodes of LugRadio, but also brought up by the community members. We cranked out a first test episode and released it last week — it’s done […]

USB iGrill Still Causing Problems

Well, looks like one of ThinkGeek’s excellent 2003 April Fools — the George Foreman USB iGrill — is still wreaking havoc amongst the gadget blogging community. Not only did Wired’s Gear Factor (cached copy) pick up this from (cached copy) as though new — Wired, newsflash, it’s over three years old — before deleting […]

The Wrong Director in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time

Die Hard 2: Die Harder was on itv2 last night, so this was a nice bit of serendipity — Kevin Smith has published the comp artwork for the cover of the forthcoming An Evening With Kevin Smith 2: Evening Harder DVD: He’s never looked cooler†. Absolute genius, can’t wait. † … well, as cool as […]


The Internet is Weird

I got pinged with a friends list request last night on MSN Messenger (although I use Gaim to connect to the network instead of Microsoft’s crappy ad-laden client) from someone I added years ago. I hadn’t heard from them for a while and I think I’d deleted them since Gaim reported I wasn’t on their […]

Natalie Portman Comes of Age

Sorry, it wasn’t Natalie Portman being photographed topless on a beach by paparazzi, or being cast in V for Vendetta, or shaving her head, but this segment from a recent Saturday Night Live which makes me think “hey, Natalie Portman, not a kid anymore” … Cheers to NBC for letting a kosher version finally become […]

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